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Trudex One, Inc. has evolved from its proud heritage since the inception in 1949.  As a manufacturer of VDI 3425 / DIN 69880 tool holders built on state of the art CNC equipment.  We have expanded through out the machine tool industry building  Okuma tool holders, Haas tool holders, Mazak tool holders and Index tool holders.  Just to name a few of our customers making some of the best known  turning centers sold.  "Block Tooling" or sometimes referred as "Direct On" tooling has become a standard product line that Trudex One has been associated with from the mid eighties.  Our specialized reputation offer solutions for unique block tool holder applications and our build to print, private label service fills a void in domestic  OEM requirements in North America.

The quality standard incorporated in manufacturing assures Trudex One customers that our tool holders are the best they can be at a value you can not afford not to use.  We extend this professional approach and respect this relationship that the customer base deserves.  Whether the need is large volume production  block tooling or a one off special tool holder design; you will find we are extremely capable.

A recent acquisition of the business assets of the original company gives Trudex One, Inc. a sole and exclusive right to our tool holder designs, processes and capabilities that we are known for.  This fresh start to an old name has not gone without some set backs.  Obstacles have been resolved.  We have been welcomed back by our existing customer base and Trudex One, Inc. is well on the way to becoming the first choice for tool holders